Wednesday, 5 February 2014

“The Business Case for Sustainability” Part 4: The Developers Perspective

Written by David Lazaro Rodrigo
Director, Energy & Sustainability, Spain

What is driving developer interest in sustainability?

In many locations across EMEA local and national planning regimes have included minimum sustainability standards for new developments, or allow bonuses such as additional floor space for more sustainable buildings. Developers are also competing in a market where new is increasingly meaning green.

What trends are emerging?

To outshine their competitors and attract quality tenants, new developments often include innovative sustainability features and validate their approach by obtaining green building certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.

What is the next big thing that our clients need to be aware of?

Workplace productivity is increasingly being seen hand-in-hand with sustainability for tenants, who are ultimately the developer’s key customers. Occupying a sustainable building is seen to attract and retain staff, and get the best out of people while they are at work. Measuring the financial benefits of sustainable workplaces is a hot topic right now.

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