Friday, 13 June 2014

2011 Energy Act: Progress is Needed From The Government

Written by Rebecca Pearce
EMEA Head of Sustainability

The UK Green Building Council recently rallied together with business leaders from across the UK to ask the Government to review its evasive approach to energy standards.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, a collection of commercial property owners, developers and occupiers, called for action to be taken in regards to the 2011 Energy Act. The act includes provisions to ensure that from 2018, it will become unlawful to rent out a residential or business premise that does not reach a minimum energy efficient standard. Industry figures and Government officials have been working together to create proposals about the implementation of the 2011 Energy Act. At the same time, many organisations have taken steps to get whole property portfolios assessed and improvements made to poor performing buildings. The letter calls for the Government to support this progress and publish a consultation on the policy, which it has so far failed to do.

Commercial buildings are responsible for 18% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions. So it is clear that a solution to this matter is needed, however the Government is hampering progress by stalling the creation of innovative and exciting energy solutions. The UK’s energy efficiency market is worth £17.6bn to the British economy with a “tidal wave of investment” potentially being unlocked if clarity and headway were to be achieved.

If the current confusion around the Government’s stance on energy regulations can be reduced the future for commercial property portfolios will be more secure as well as encouraging innovation in the industry.

For more information, and to see the full letter, click here  

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