Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Liverpool Hosts Environmental Awareness Day

In July CBRE hosted an Environmental Day in the concourse of Exchange Station in Liverpool.

The annual event’s aim was to showcase and promote environmental technology and best practice to local businesses and general public in Liverpool. With over 150 attendees the event was a big success and opened the eyes of many to the environmental solutions available to small businesses.

The event was launched by CBRE challenging people to walk/cycle/run a journey they would normally drive. Over 30 teams signed up to take on the challenge; the winning team rode and ran a massive 1,591 total miles and were rewarded for their efforts by being presented with a prize from actor and green enthusiast Simon O’Brien.

The day saw many initiatives and activities take place including smoothie bikes in which people pedal to blend their smoothies and Wattbikes which generate power when ridden. A prize was given to  Dave Matson from CBREMS who managed to generate the most power. People could also look at Nissan and Renault’s latest electric car offerings and get advice on how to make their day to day activities impact more beneficially on the environment.

Watch a video on the event here

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