Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Healthy, Green and Productive - The Future of the Workplace Made Easy

Written by Rebecca Pearce
CBRE EMEA Head of Sustainability

Most employers would agree that a healthy, happy and productive workforce is a vital component of a successful business. This is especially true for office based businesses, where staff costs typically account for 85% of total operating costs.

CBRE has recently contributed to a World Green Building Council report “Health Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building” (HWPO). The global report looks at the strategies that can be employed in office building design and management to optimise human health, wellbeing and productivity. It looks at how these strategies can be utilised, and measured, to reduce energy consumption and resource in the workplace.

The HWPO report focuses on offices, however, does draw evidence from other property types including health and education establishments. The key factors which contribute to a healthy and productive workplace include:
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort – low CO2 concentrations and high ventilation rates
  • Thermal comfort – consideration of temperature ranges and local airflows
  • Quality lighting and access to natural light
  • Biophilia – views to and physical links with nature
  • Noise – controlling distraction from inside and outside the workspace
  • Interior layout, look and feel – workstation density and configuration to encourage collaboration
  • Active design and exercise – from open stairs to the availability of change facilities to encourage physical activity
  • Amenities and location – proximity to public transport and services e.g. retail, food and childcare
While these may be no great surprise to green building professionals, corporate occupiers and developers are now building these factors into their decision making. This is particularly important for owners and investors who need to pay close attention to changing workplace priorities if they are to meet the future needs of occupiers.

Read the full report here

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  1. According to a research carried out by Fayol it is found that people can improve their performance under some special situations - such as appraisals, bonus, salary increments, promotions, celebrations of events with boss etc. Thank you for sharing the information about how we can build a safe and healthy workplace.