Friday, 17 October 2014

The Green Week Wrap Up (Party)

This week marked the launch of our 2nd global Green Week at CBRE. In the EMEA region this annual event aims to raise awareness across some 10,000+ employees about sustainable best practice.
Creating a sustainable business, workplace and environment is not a simple feat.  It’s a fast changing and complex issue for all businesses around the world. Add in the backdrop of interconnected matters such as new regulation, increased operational costs and greater stakeholder scrutiny, and the challenge is exacerbated.

To date nearly 700 institutions controlling €38 billion of assets globally have pledged to pull money out of investments that augment climate change through the use of fossil fuels. Just last month, thousands marched around the world ahead of the UN’s Climate Change Summit to demonstrate that sustainable issues still hold extreme importance for many people.

This is not lost on us. We have an aim which is twofold, to create a better, more responsible business for all, and to advise our clients on strategies to reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, and improve workplace wellbeing to transform the built environment.

In order for progress to be made, the key starting point is to improve awareness of the issues and access to information. This will feed greater knowledge, understanding and eventual better sustainable practice. So this week, at CBRE we have:
  • Hosted roundtable events and presentations to increase awareness and facilitate more green conversations
  • Held big picture conversations open to all about Sustainability at CBRE and why it’s important for our sector
  • Arranged sustainable site visits to some of our greenest buildings
  • Encouraged people to cycle, walk or take public transport to work (no cars!)
  • Provided free recycling services for out-of-order electrical appliances
  • Volunteered to help maintain local places and parklands
  • Displayed energy league tables comparing offices and floors
  • Played green to win with green quizzes, a crossword and even a movie night, with winners awarded their very own CBRE Green Oscar!
  • Eaten green snacks aplenty – some healthy, some not - to raise visual awareness
  • To take a peek into more of our activities, please view here

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