Friday, 10 October 2014

Waste Not, Want Not at St Botolph’s

CBRE has created a best in class waste management system at Deka's St Botolph’s building in the City of London. In addition to 52,000 sq m (560,000 sq ft) of office space the building has a cafe, gymnasium and small supermarket all of which present waste challenges.

The building achieved a BREEAM Very Good rating through its many sustainable design features. The building has a “zero to landfill” policy which they have had since 2012. The building recycles 85% of all its waste with the remaining 15% residual being converted to waste to energy. All waste is weighed, the data recorded and used for reporting purposes. The management team engages regularly with tenants, cleaners and waste contractors to report and encourage improvements. The team operates a strict four stream recycling regime:

•        Dry recyclables (e.g. paper, glass, aluminium cans, plastics, clean food packaging)
•        "Residuals" (e.g. wet tissue, Black waste sacks, items contaminated by food)
•        Cardboard
•        An innovative food-to-water system

The food-to-water system uses a Biomatic machine (RFD) uses naturally occurring enzymes and micro-organisms that effectively ‘digest’ the food waste, leaving a residue of water which discharges directly into the main drainage system. The machine takes soft organic food waste such as fruit, vegetables cooked or uncooked meat, poultry, fish, bread, pasta, rice, coffee and diary and turns it into water through aerobic digestion. The general rule is that if a human can eat the food the RFD can too. The machine can process up to 180kg of food waste over a 24 hour period and is a cost effective solution to combating spiralling waste costs as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the property.

Planned future improvements for the building include the introduction of recycled serviettes, cups and cutlery in tenant/occupier and cafe areas, biodegradable toilet paper and hand towels, and strict requirements for construction waste in the building's fit-out guide.

The site has also been earmarked for a is also involved with The City of London Clean City Award, with the awards s Scheme. The level of award achieved by the site will be known and the awards ceremony to be held in January 2015

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