Thursday, 9 April 2015

Taiwan Raises Standard for High Performance Green Buildings

By Tim Shen
Head of Sustainability - Asia at CBRE

TAIPEI 101, formally the tallest building in the world, became the tallest green building in the world in 2011 upon being awarded the internationally recognised Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) EB:OM v2009 Platinum certification.

In late 2014, CBRE was appointed as consultant to assist TAIPEI 101 retain its LEED platinum status as it goes through the mandatory 5 year recertification requirement, and importantly upgrade to the new, more stringent LEED v4 system. It is anticipated that TAIPEI 101 will be the world’s first supertall building to attain a LEED v4 certification, as it continues to define itself internationally as a leader for commercial green building best practice.

The Asia Sustainability consulting team joined forces with their US-based LEED EB certification specialists, who have certified 346 buildings to date, including 25 recertifications, to provide TAIPEI 101 with the necessary knowledge and track record to take a complex and unprecedented project through the recertification process while advising on the most appropriate strategies to pursue new LEED v4 opportunities.

Given the significance of the project—being the largest office building to attempt LEED v4 recertification and the number of tenants involved—CBRE and TAIPEI 101 will also be collaborating with the US Green Build Council (USGBC) to share insights into the recertification process, with monthly features to be posted on the USGBC website. This novel ‘behind the scenes’ disclosure will serve to help other teams undertaking the new LEED v4 system.

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