Thursday, 27 August 2015

A Green Lease Of Life

By Ludovic Chambre
Project and Sustainable Development Manager at CBRE France

Source - the IMT

The Institute for Market Transformation, a nonprofit organisation promoting energy efficiency, green building and environmental protection, has released its latest intelligence regarding green leases.

The headline figure is that green leases can reduce energy consumption in offices by 11-22%. This is  positive news and is significant for two core reasons:

  • Reduces the environmental burden
  • Allow occupiers to deploy additional capital elsewhere due to energy efficiency savings made

In simple terms, a green lease is one which incorporates an agreement between a landlord and a tenant as to how a building is to be occupied, operated and managed in a sustainable way. It's designed for commercial or public sector buildings only.

For more information on  green leases, please read more here 

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