Friday, 16 October 2015

Green Week Round-Up

By Rebecca Pearce,
EMEA Head of Sustainability at CBRE

This week marked the inception of our third global Green Week initiative at CBRE themed Building Sustainable AdvantageOpen to all of our 70,000+ employees worldwide the central focus this year explored the dynamic between wellness, people and productivity.

There is a growing body of evidence to support the idea that investing in great places to work aids employee health, wellbeing and satisfaction. This is important, as the implementation of sustainable offices creates an atmosphere that encourages staff to remain in situ while attracting future talent. After all, we all spend significant period of time in the workplace so the promotion of health and wellbeing is beneficial for the individual employee, and is both performance and business critical too. This, of course, needs to be synonymous with the reduction of negative environmental impacts.

As a result, across EMEA, various activities have taken place this week to support the initiative and our ongoing commitment to being a responsible business. Snapshot below of our Green Week in motion:

  • Energy competition - which UK office can be the most energy efficient?
  • Free yoga class for all
  • Wellness - what does it mean? Breakfast discussion
  • Site visit to Canary Wharf - look at biodiversity features
Czech Republic  
  • 'No waste' - campaign to minimise waste disposal during the day
  • 'Zero carbon day' - staff commute by public transport only
  • 'Print free day' - avoid office printing for one day
  • Green quiz for all staff
  • Free fruit distributed to all staff
  • Daily 'Green thoughts of the day’ to all staff
  • Green Week kick start healthy breakfast snack 
  • Internal lecture from sustainability specialist Tim Habraken 
  • Back to nature! Walk in the nearby forest with a forester 
  • Breakfast for staff from a café using 'zero food miles’ produce
  • Sale of ethically produced fabrics and clothes, with proceeds to a local charity partner
  • Free yoga classes for staff
  • Green lab for employee's children, engaging children in sustainability
  • Recycling Swap - clothes and books 
  • A week without a car - actively encouraged staff to ditch the car and walk for a week
  • 'Green is the new black' - green photo competition

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