Anthony Kingsley

Sustainability and CSR Lead, at Vacherin

Anthony is the Sustainability and CSR Lead for Vacherin, CBRE’s contract caterer at both Henrietta House and St. Martin’s Court in London. 

Anthony focuses on understanding the life cycle of food products, from farm to fork and back again, moving toward a more sustainable food service industry. Vacherin has won several awards for its commitment to sustainability, recently achieving the highest ‘3 Star’ rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

Before working for Vacherin Anthony was a university lecturer, then became Director of Operations in community development in South East Asia, and founder of a non-profit organisation helping to end human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Anthony hopes his passion for food sustainability, community engagement and dedication to reducing unnecessary waste, will positively contribute toward the foodservice industry in London.

Anthony's articles:
Certified - Sustainable Food

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