Sara Anzinger

Manager Real Estate Debt & Fixed Income at GRESB

Sara is responsible for research and development of sustainability information products for the financial markets, primarily focused on fixed income, at GRESB. She created and manages the GRESB Debt Survey and leads GRESB green bond initiatives. GRESB is the global standard for portfolio-level sustainability assessment in the real estate sector.

Prior to joining GRESB, she worked for Royal Bank of Canada and PNC Bank in commercial real estate loan underwriting, origination and workouts. She also sourced commercial mortgage loans for life company and pension fund lenders as well as Wall Street conduits as a mortgage broker with iCap Realty and RBC Capital Advisors. Sara holds an MSc in International Finance from University of Amsterdam and a B.A. in Economics from Rollins College.  

Sara's articles:
Green Capital For Greener Buildings

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